Order out of Chaos.

The theoretical basis of this theme is: Illya Prigogine’s Nobel Prize for chemistry(1977)    For his work in non-equilibrium thermodynamics, particularly the theory of dissipative structures. His book, co-written by Isabelle Stengers is “Order out of Chaos” 1984.

Before those huge concepts drive you away let me put it more plainly.

The more instability there is within any system (say our current society) the greater the potential for the entire system to transform into a higher order of organisation.

Let me talk about transformation for a moment. The truth is we just don’t know what happens at the point of transformation ... say the micro point where a drop of water transforms into steam or ice. Or, on a larger scale, say the day of the storming of the Bastille (French Revolution), or the 17th October 1917 (Russian Revolution). What happens is that the existing structure, water in the first instance, is dramatically transformed in a more complex structure comprising gas or crystal. So the resultant structure is of a higher order, that is, more complex. Likewise in the revolutions mentioned the existing order was dramatically changed and a new structure was the result. (The ultimate outcome is not the point when forces move the transformation away from its path as Stalin did after the death of Lenin in Russia).

So what am I going on about here?

Well I hope you can see in the examples above that just before major changes there is great instability. In the case of the water droplet just before it becomes steam, the molecules become very  excited and all over the place in a sort of chaos. Same with the social disruption and chaos reigning in both Paris and Moscow ... so we can say the the system is highly unstable.

Is this getting clearer? The more instability the greater the opportunity for a higher order of organisation to emerge after transformation. Now the actuality in our lives today is a rise of insecurity, coupled with a rise of fear and greed.
I know few examples of this are really necessary because these energies are let loose in our society to such an extent that the evening news is rarely free of reporting on them. Syria, for example, during 2012-13.

There is no doubt that fear and greed will continue to mount! It has to you see, in order to keep creating points of instability so that when the transformation comes, as it must, a higher order of organisation may emerge. It is up to us collectively how that will be but, for example, it could maintain all the current physical technology and express a major shift in attitude so that for instance wise people might become our Government instead of egotistic power-seeking people. Work might be an expression of one’s innate talents instead of a means to become richer than others. Organic gardening can return (perhaps in high-rise, specially designed buildings) to provide our vegetables and fruit. Education can return to being ‘educare’, to educe, to draw forth that which is already present. Energy needs, as we already know, can be met not only by solar thermal generation but by forms not yet known about (one instance being hydrogen power).

In order for this transformation to occur things have to get pretty wild. There may be social dislocation including job loss and perhaps loss of home. There may well be be bullying, racial and sexual prejudice, profiteering by corporations uncaring about their effect on the environment, or consumers, as long as they are profitable. You name it ... it may happen. Police corruption, batons against citizens, capsicum spray, tazar use, water-cannon, physical brutality ...(you’ve seen it all with the Occupy locations). You see the super wealthy and powerful will not willingly hand over their wealth and power; rather they will use force to protect it as long as they can. (This we have seen in the decline of every civilisation).

The intent is not to fill your mind with dread and negative expectation but to be aware that this is what instability within our current society means.

It is our response that is important. If you know that the mess and dust and noise of the demolition is temporary you can better live with it. When you realise that the site is being cleared so that a beautiful new structure can take the place of the old broken one then you can welcome all that disturbance. (Especially when you realise that you are a part of its creation!)

If you react to the mess and complain and fight against it then you will be lost.

The most important thing you can do is resolve your inner tensions. If you carry instability within yourself and you are operating in an increasingly unstable society then the chances of you being hurt are high. The closer you are to a calm, unambitious, accepting and loving being, the better you will ride this storm and emerge not merely intact but ready to participate in a genuine new age. To achieve this inner calm you must learn quickly about fear and realise that fear exists in your mind and cut it off before it takes a hold. This does not refer to the hard-wired response to immediate physical danger; but rather to fear born of negative thinking and expectation, and the intake of too much fearful news by agencies only interested in profit from scare-mongering. We all need to de-brief because there is too much information floating around and if you are not consciously relaxing and being very selective then you will have absorbed more than you realise. So it is time to get rid of any resentments (those chips we may still carry without being fully aware of it) because we need to get light so we can move easily and quickly.

You do already know how to do this so just start doing it. If you are not sure where to start then it is suggested you stop watching news, commercial (hypnotic)tv, newspapers peddling fear, gossip magazines etc .. . just cut the lot out. Watch inspiring dvds, listen to uplifting music, spend time with friends supporting one another to be lighter.

So now, what you already knew but didn’t want perhaps to fully recognise, you know for sure. Zones of transition are not peaceful places but as Prigogine showed us the very things which might today seem frightening are actually valuable points of instability which are building toward a tremendous shift, restructuring of the way we live on earth.

Ultimately there is only a single energy in the universe even though it may manifest as three (weak and strong nuclear power and gravity). The great physicist, David Bohm (“Wholeness and the Implicate Order”) concluded that what we see is merely the perturbation (disturbance) on the surface of matter; rather like the wind creating waves on the surface of a lake. The substratum, or what supports all life is an energy he called love. This you can most surely and absolutely trust. 

Keep your seatbelt strapped on but expect and dream of a beautiful world and remember that we now inhabit a deeply inter-connected planet in which your intention, thinking and envisaging are a valid part. Remember that the sun shines on you as much as any other being on earth and you are a vital part of the shift.