ASHE is an acronym for: Australasian School of Human Ecology which was registered and first launched as a website in February 2000.

What we do and Why.

Science and Consciousness

ASHE originally sought to provide online learning to individuals and consultancy to organisations. Now this mission has changed and we no longer offer the courses or consultancy designed over 10 years ago. During that time we have learned that there is much preparation needed. Metaphorically, it is as if in our excitement we wanted to teach literature not recognising that first comes learning to read. Our purpose now is to spread the message of inter-relatedness of all life and also the skills or competencies, of a new way of being.

The need for a human ecology has increased as the world changed and continued to become more complex.

Imagine it this way:

It took from 5 million years ago until 1830 for global human population to reach 1 billion. By 2000 we were 6 billion according to the Cairo Population Conference. In 2010 the figure was approaching 7 billion.

Such dramatic increase by one species calls for nothing short of a major systemic shift in all human affairs. Humanity now urgently needs a rigorously supported means to:

(a) Deal with the consequential complexity

(b) Fully participate in the emergent human actuality

(c) Change the collective unconscious and replace the current insecurity and widespread sense of alienation with a true sense of belonging.

(d) Realise the interconnectedness of all life.

The Logo

The head represents a living system (and we are an example of a living system).

The 2 arrows indicate two-way communication.

The wave at bottom represents the environment.

So as living systems, along with all life, we have reciprocal links with our environment. In other words we and our environment are inseparable and we form one great living process. Biological observers of animal life have long noticed that living systems and their environment evolve together.

In technical speak we are structurally linked to our environment.

ASHE supports 3 trends which emerged in the latter 20th century, namely:

(a) Trend to self determination.

(b) Trend toward desire to live in smaller, more community oriented environments (which can be within larger urban settings). And

(c) Trend towards secular spirituality.

The World We Live in Now

We share an era in which the human mind itself is evolving and in which we have come to understand that inter-relatedness is no longer a theory, it is an actuality. The French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin developed a general theory of evolution that applied not only to the human species but also to the human mind and the relationship of religious experience to the facts of natural science.
One of his principal conclusions was that humanity was headed toward the unification of the entire species into a single inter-thinking group. He coined the word noosphere (from the Greek noos, mind) to refer to the cumulative effect of human minds over the entire planet. Just as the biosphere is the system comprised of all living things, so the noosphere is comprised of all conscious minds.
The fulfillment of this process Teilhard referred to as the Omega Point, the culmination of the evolutionary process, the end point toward which we are all converging.


ASHE is legally structured as a partnership so anyone may join.

If there is any other information you would like to know please contact us.