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About the founder.

A personal biography here would seem like describing the bottle instead of the contents.

The content is Life itself which animates this body; a body which came from the earth, follows the earth's natural laws and will return there in due course. Life continues.

One day it quite suddenly became clear that the sense of 'me' inside was exactly the same as it was when I was a little child. This awareness uncovered the transcendental Self and this is the spirit/energy which is now the centre of all my attention.

Nowdays there is nothing beyond self-realisation or what Jung termed 'Individuation'. This is the process of getting rid of conditioning, from the culture and really, all else, it appears, is trivial and transient.

The site is an offering, and hopefully a signpost, for our collective, global thought-form.

I do wish that you enjoy your visits here and perhaps find something of interest which will prod and loosen some misinformation your unconscious inherited from the collective. And if there is any way you feel the site might be improved then please let me know.




Graduated Bachelor of Arts Victoria University, Wellington (Eng.Lit. & Geography)

Graduated Masters in Applied Science (Social Ecology) UWS-Hawkesbury

Diploma of Teaching Christchurch Teachers' College, Christchurch

Cert. Conflict Resolution and Group Process - International Centre for Process Oriented Psychology .